World’s Best; Alma Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal System 

Laser hair removal technology and machines have advanced greatly over the past few years. The pinnacle of all machines available in the market today is Alma’s Soprano Ice. This Laser hair removal machine has received the highest rewards and reviews in the industry and from clients as it truly ticks off all the concerns usually associated with Laser hair removal.

Soprano Ice - Laser4Less

Major advantages of Soprano Ice laser removal system include:

  •  Can laser every part of the body, all hair and skin types (Fitz I – VI) and even tanned skins or sun exposure before/after treatment!
  •  Virtually painless thanks to its IN-Motion™ technology for during and after the procedure with world’s best pain-free rating
  • Fastest to apply and least amount of patchiness thanks to their consistent wave delivery through IN-Motion™ technology.
  • Fastest hair removal results than any other machine (usually half the sessions)

Alma Lasers Pioneered SHR (Super Hair Removal) Technology and combined it with their IN-Motion™ Technology to create Soprano Ice machine.

SHR works by gradually heating the dermis (where hair follicle root resides) without heating up the surface or surrounding areas.

This combined with the steady beam delivery of IN-Motion™ technology allows for virtually painless and much faster treatment times and result delivery.

The results are also much more appealing as the steady stream ensures full coverage and minimized patchiness seen in other machines.

Soprano Ice hair laser removal system has the highest reviews and rating than any other machine with a proven safety record.

While Soprano Ice costs substantially more than any other machine and rarely available in the market, it is the only machine we use at Laser for Less as it provides the absolute best results.

Our clients who have used other systems are blown away by the comfort, speed and results they get from this machine.