Can You Do Laser Hair Removal in the Summer? A Guide to the Sun and Sensitive Skin

Can You Do Laser Hair Removal in the Summer? A Guide to the Sun and Sensitive Skin

There is some good news in the laser hair removal game.

It’s summer and you want to strip down to your shorts, bring your sun-dresses out, and even go for a swim. However, urban legends scare you into thinking you can’t get laser hair removal in summer and still enjoy all the festivities of the season.

Traditionally, people have turned to solutions like waxing and other home treatments. However, in the season of small garments and ocean water, you want to rid yourself of unpleasant situations like razor cuts, and ingrown hairs. So, what solution do you have? Laser hair removal.

In addition to being cost-effective, it is versatile fast, painless and a myriad of other benefits of laser hair removal.

First, you must ask yourself, what is laser hair removal and is it permanent? The process makes use of lasers to penetrate your skin and prevent hair growth by destroying your hair follicles through a series of treatments.

While there are many factors to consider before getting laser hair removal in summer, a lot of myths and misconceptions are out there. The biggest of these is that it is not possible in summer.

This may have been the case, but thanks to the new technology of soprano ice, it is now possible to get laser hair removal throughout your body in summer.

Here is some good news you need to know about laser hair removal in summer.

Laser Hair Removal in Summer Technology

The myth that you cannot get laser hair removal in the summer is nothing but just that, a myth. There was some truth in this myth, way before the technology to conduct laser technology was still deficient of safe treatments for summer.

However, technology has grown immensely. Laser hair removal in summer is now an option. Soprano Ice Technology. You need to look for a clinic equipped with this technology for various reasons. 

Benefits of Soprano Ice Technology

The technology has a 3 in one applicator. Additionally, it is virtually painless, and your laser hair-removal process feels more like a massage. It uses advanced cooling technology that helps cool your skin for a longer period.

It also works by minimizing the risks of burns on the surface of the skin, all the while maintaining heat within your dermis. This contact cooling technology increases patient comfort and allows the procedure to be more comfortable than ever.
It is effective for all skin tones and hair types. This means that regardless of whether you are light or dark skinned, or you have coarse or fine hair, the technology will still remove your hair in the same painless manner.

The technology boasts of powerful absorption combined with treatment coverage and comfort making it an ideal solution for people with a ride range of skin types, hair types, and hair colors.

Those with thin light-colored hair no longer have to deal with being turned away from laser hair removal.

While many people claim that you cannot and should not get laser hair removal in the summer, the technology assures you of safe laser hair removal at any time of the year.

Even if you have tanned skin, you will not need any special treatment. So if you feel that halfway through your vacation you need laser hair-removal, feel free to book an appointment and have your treatment done at any time.

The technology is also very quick. While some clinics may send you into long sessions, this technology allows us to have very quick treatment sessions even for large areas of your body like your legs or your back.

One of the biggest inconveniences of laser hair-removal previously was the downtime. Many believe that you should not go back to your lifestyle immediately. This technology is time-saving since it doesn’t give you a regiment to waste time and wait for your recovery.

Beneficial Features of the Technology

One of the most commonly asked questions is whether you can go to the gym and resume your work out sessions immediately. The answer is yes! Feel free to go back to your workout routine, since this technology ensures your body is ready to resume.

Some urban myths suggested that if you have sensitive skin, you need a special regimen for your laser hair removal. This information is false. The technology allows anybody with any skin type to enjoy the benefits of laser hair removal all year round.

If you are worried about hygiene, the soprano ice technology has a unique disposable tip to allow for treatment for your intimate areas.

The key is to visit a provider who has the latest technology, specifically soprano ice technology. This advancement will assure you that the services you receive are safe for your skin in the short term and the long term alike.

Previously, getting hair removal treatment in the summer was unheard of. Now, with the technology of Soprano Ice, you no longer have to deal with razor bumps and ingrown hairs in summer.

The sunscreens available have also increased in strength and functionality, giving you a better chance at better and healthier skin.

Thanks to the advancement in technology, you do not have to limit laser hair removal to your bikini areas during the summer months anymore.

Summer Sun Tanning

Soprano Ice lasers are safe to use all year round, with, or without a tan. However, while this technology is successful, you still have to ensure you get your treatment from a professional.

You also have to apply caution and care for your skin before and after the laser treatment as a preparation means. However, this does not mean that there is an exception of who can get laser hair-removal in the summer.

Taking care of your skin should not be just on special occasions. However, it should never limit you from going to get your laser hair removal.

If you are looking to spend your summer outdoors, do not shy away on account of your tan. After all, what good is a tan if you can’t show it off?

What Does Sun Screen Have to Do with It?

Even when you’re not getting laser hair removal, sunscreen is always a great idea to protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun.

If you have sensitive skin that needs that extra tender love and care, proceed to care for it all year round. However, do not feel discriminated against anymore.

The technology of soprano ice ensures that you too can get your laser hair-removal at any time of the year without having to use a special regimen.

The technology of Soprano Ice has made it possible for people of different skin types to get laser hair removal at any time, even during summer. It is painless, safe and even works on tanned skin. With Soprano Ice technology, laser hair removal in summer is no longer taboo.

So, while avoiding sun exposure is good for your skin, if you need that emergency laser hair removal treatment, Soprano Ice allows you and your tan to enjoy a smooth time sunbathing.

Time to heal

Laser hair-removal treatment leaves your pores open and vulnerable to different infection. This means that it needs extra care. You need to sacrifice some activities such as saunas and ocean swimming for 2-3 days.

Like with any other treatment having laser hair removal in summer comes with a healing regimen. This is extremely important. You should ensure you adhere to what the laser hair-removal clinic tells you since they definitely know more about skin.

With that being said, understand that you will no longer have any downtime after your laser hair removal procedure is completed. You can go back to your lifestyle right after your session.

It is entirely possible for laser hair removal and summer to go hand in hand.
Just follow these laser hair removal tips to ensure you get the best results.

How do You Prepare for Laser Hair Removal in Summer?

Most of the actions you need to take are the same as you would at any time of the year. Some of these include shaving, staying away from the scorching sun, and using sunscreen as a rule. However, the most important is to choose a provider you trust. Ensure they are looking out for you.

Select one that has the latest technology and one with excellent reviews. Also, be prepared to take care of your skin as you are advised.

With the New Soprano Ice Technology, You Can Now Have Laser Hair Removal in Summer

Now that you have disbanded all the laser hair removal treatment in summer urban legends and myths, all that is left is for you to make your appointment today.

Contact us today for answers on any questions you may have on laser hair removal all-year round. Check out our Soprano Ice customer results to help you make the decision to book your appointment.


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